Nico Marlet

5 Nov
French born character designer Nicholas Marlet may have only recently gotten a lot of notice for his unique and appealing character designs, but he's been in the business for quite a while. He started as an animator on “Ducktales”, “Talespin”...
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Joshua Middleton

14 Oct
Eisner award nominee Joshua Middleton's career has only spanned ten years, but in that time he has worked as a highly successful artist and designer in the animation, film, comics, and publishing industries. Middleton started his career as a comic...
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Sheilah Beckett

10 Oct
Animators often talk about “economy of line“; describing as much as possible with the fewest lines since every line has to be drawn over and over again. Costuming and drapery folds are simplified to the greatest degree since animators put...
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Successful Silhouettes, Shapes and Action Lines

29 Sep
You've learned about including a Dominant (large) shape, Subordinate (medium) sized shapes and an Accent (small) shape in your character designs, which together can create a form which is pleasing to the eye. Similarly, we are all drawn to forms...
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Welcome Terryl Whitlatch!

25 Sep
AAU Creature Design Instructor Terryl Whitlatch will now be a co-author of this blog. It seems only natural to pair supplemental information for creature design along with character design since there is a fair amount of overlap between the two....
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